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Our products

As your dedicated IT partner, EWERK delivers solutions which meet your specific needs. With extensive project experience, we provide the right applications and components for you. In addition to creating custom software, EWERK provides finished products, which can either be installed as they are or customized to fulfill your individual requirements.


Conrad CMS


conrad:// is a tool for creating and editing web pages and offers a high degree of functionality and scalability.


  • WYSIWYG complex page creation
  • Separation of content and layout
  • Multi-user capability
  • Ease of access - independent of time and place
  • Multilingualism
  • User-friendly and intuitive user interface
  • Flexible and easy to manage access controls
  • Multi-site management

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Public transport ticketshop


The ticket solution for satisfied passengers (and sales managers). With EWERK’s online ticket system, customers can purchase, pay for and print their tickets online from the comfort of their home or office.

Benefits and features for customers

  • Personal customer account with viewable purchase history
  • Manage personal data online
  • A variety of payment options
  • Multilingual options
  • Product reviews from other customers
  • Automatic product recommendations

Benefits and features for operators

  • Product Management
  • Customer Management
  • Order Management
  • Intuitive user interface for quick navigation
  • Configurable product attributes
  • Numerous marketing features (e.g. newsletters)
  • Cross selling
  • Credit check capability
  • Modular and scalable 
Additional modules
  • Seat reservation
  • Shop for merchandise and other products
  • Partner sales
  • Closed Shop
  • Payment methods, such as a credit/debit card, Paypal, pre-pay
  • Blacklist
  • Statistics and Reporting

Online ticket test application for mobile phones


Our ticket test application allows you to review customer tickets quickly and easily online with a mobile phone. You photograph the barcode on the ticket and a remote server decodes the information and returns it to you.


  • Simple to use with a standard mobile phone
  • Uses standard phone camera and image detection software
  • Quick display of barcode data and other data
  • Password protection and activation/deactivation facility
  • Application protection through IMEI check for registered phones
  • Secure key storage within the mobile phone application
  • Adaptable to your needs (customization)
  • Runs on mobile phones with support JAVATM

Test trainer


Our test trainer tool allows you to group questions and answers by topic area and to compile multiple choice tests and exams. With the program you can design, create, trial and administer interactive online test resources.


  • Create multiple choice questions
  • Group questions by theme
  • Time-limited tests
  • Optional open-access demo test
  • Additional topic questions
  • Registration and payment by time credits


  • Exam preparation under relatively real exam conditions

stella:// online application management tool


Our web-based e-recruitment solution ‘stella://’, seamlessly integrates into any website. With ‘stella://’, EWERK offers a tool for managing applications for vacancies and training courses, with the option of an online application facility.


Applicants can

  • Register
  • Fill out their application form online conveniently and temporarily store their data
  • Upload documents such as their passport photo, certificates and references directly
  • Print a copy their form
  • Follow the progress in their application online at any time

HR Managers and admissions officers can

  • Sort by various criteria
  • Search, filter, select
  • Record with a status
  • Add comments
  • Print, archive, delete

HR Managers and admissions officers can also

  • Communicate with candidates online
  • Accept applications received by mail into the system
  • Edit and update applicant data
  • Schedule interviews
  • View complete candidate history
  • Generate letters from templates as CSV files
  • View and print reports, statistics and schedules
  • Create, manage and edit email templates
  • Edit standard application form text blocks
  • Document the entire application process as a scheduled workflow
  • (Optional) connect an interactive trainer for employment aptitude tests, which allows applicants to test themselves against job selection criteria

Higher and further education catalogue


This information management tool for higher and further education institutions has a series of functions that facilitate communication. The tool benefits students, as well as staff, by aiding information and knowledge exchange.


  • Course prospectus (fields, subjects, search function)
  • Seminar schedules (list, detail)
  • Interactivity (reviews, news)
  • Seminar registration and approval
  • Attendance lists
  • Creation of staff training and development plans
  • Seminar review
  • Uses new media
  • Transparency of educational provision
  • Improved budget control
  • Supports ‘lifelong learning’
  • Improved planning and staff development
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